Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

is tap water safe it it to drink


Don’t assume that just because the water coming out of your tap looks fine, tastes okay and does not smell bad that it is safe to drink. Many people believe that because their water has been treated by their local water suppliers that it is safe, or that because they only  drink rainwater from their own water tanks, that its pure.

Water is too important to our health to be taken for granted. We should not assume that our water is safe and that if there was a problem with it, our government would tell us and fix it for us.


Large volumes of chemicals are added to our municipal water supplies on a  daily basis to disinfect it, control its pH and keep it appearing clear, smelling clean and tasting good. Most of these chemicals are used to protect us from water-borne diseases, such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery. However, these same chemicals can and do create other, more insidious health risks, US President’s Anti Cancer Panel see article.


Chlorine is the most widely used disinfectant added because it is cheap and effective but has a nasty way of reacting with organic material already in the water to form toxic by-products (DBPs) such as trihalomethanes (THMs). Chloroform is a THM. These chlorine by-products have been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals, have been linked to reproductive problems in animals and humans and can double the incidence of bladder and rectal cancers in susceptible people,- health effects of chlorinated drinking water see article.

Chlorine can cause problems in the digestive tract. It destroys  beneficial microbes in your gastro intestinal tract, and depletes your body of essential vitamins and minerals.

Other chemicals used in water treatment include aluminium sulphate, ammonia, lime and many others, the concentration and variety of chemicals used depends on where you live and the time of the year, see Australian Drinking Water guidelines.

Did you know you can absorb more chlorine and dangerous disinfection by-products in a hot shower than you can by drinking 8 glasses of the same water?


These chemicals are added for the purpose of preventing tooth decay and should be considered as a form of medication. They are constantly being promoted by  government bodies as being save and effective even though there have been no studies done on the safety of these industrial chemical by-products for safety and they have NEVER been approved for human consumption.

As for the effectiveness of fluoride after 60 years of use in Australia, they  have been extremely effective in increasing the incidence of thyroid disease, hip fractures and arthritis, just to mention a few. Furthermore, the combination of fluoridating chemicals with water treatment chemicals has never been looked at scientifically, or even  considered by our government health promoters.

Harvard Study
Fluoride Alert.Org


Treated water has to pass through concrete pipes and then copper pipes before passing through our taps. Biofilms, which are composed of sediment and bacterial slime build up in pipes and leach into our water along with heavy metals such as copper, lead,  zinc, mercury with the help of the very chemicals used to keep our water safe.


Pesticides, Herbicides, cleaning fluids industrial spills and even pharmaceuticals end up in our water supplies, most of which are not removed from our water before it gets to our taps.


Your tank water may not be contaminated with disinfection chemical and  fluoride but it certainly is not pure. The quality of your tank water depends on many factors, including the type and condition of the tank, roof and gutters. Tank water contains airborne contaminants including pesticides, industrial pollution, bacteria and viruses.

Rainwater is generally acidic and acidic water can corrode metals from your roof and gutters as well as from your tank. If you have  a plastic tank, then your water may also contain toxic chemicals which leach from plastic linings, such as  bisphenol A. PVC pipes and linings can leach toxic Volatile Organic Chemicals such as tetrachloroethylene into your water.

Australian Government Report: Potential Health Risks of Untreated Tank Water
New South Wales Government Report: Health Guidelines on Tank Water

Never just assume that your water is safe to drink just because it looks and smells clean.


Home Water Filters and Reverse Osmosis Systems with high quality carbon filters, and Ultraviolet Systems, will reduce chemicals and bacteria from municipal tap water and private water supplies such as rainwater tanks, by up to 99.9%, making water safe to drink.

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