Industrial/Commercial Water Filters

APT Aqua Pure are leading water filtration specialists and Australia wide suppliers of industrial and commercial water filters.
APT Aqua Pure are national suppliers of industrial water filters and commercial water filters.
We offer Industrial Water Filtration Systems, Commercial Water Filtration Systems, Mobile Water Treatment Systems,
in a variety of configurations to meet specific applications.
Our Mobile Water Treatment System are ideal for drinking water supply in disaster areas & emergency situations.
Range of products include Industrial Water Filtration Systems, Commercial Water Filtration Systems, Mobile Water Treatment Systems, Mobile Water Filtration Systems, Industrial Water Softeners, Industrial Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems, Industrial Water Desalination Systems, Acid Water pH Neutralizing Filters, Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems,
Containerised Reverse Osmosis PlantWe have been providing Water Filtration Systems & Water Treatment Solutions to Industrial and Commercial markets for 30 years.
Our Industrial Water Filtration Systems are sought after by the mining industry, municipal councils, construction sites, for dinking water supplies in remote mining camps, inland towns and villages. Our Commercial Water Filtration Systems are suitable for municipal water supplies, coastal & outback community water supplies, DI Water, laboratories, pathologies, etc.
We offer Industrial Water Filtration Systems in a variety of configurations to meet specific applications. Our Water Filtration Plants are skid mounted and containerised ready for installation.
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Custom Made Water Filtration Systems
aptaquapure containerised water filtration systemsBy using combinations of proven technologies such as Reverse Osmosis, Hollow Fiber Membrane Filtration, Ion Exchange Resins, Deionisation, Ultraviolet Disinfection, we can offer custom made, simple to use reliable high quality water purification systems.
Our Containerised Water Filtration Systems are rugged and robustly designed for operation in Australian conditions and diverse environments.
Do you require equipment that is rugged and robustly designed for operation in Australian conditions and diverse environments?
We are partners with two of Australia’s largest manufacturers of water treatment products, with state-of-the-art workshops and spare parts & service centres in Sydney, Brisbane and Mackay.
This gives us access to a range of products and services which further enhances our capabilities and scope of product knowledge offered to our customers in every industry.

With experienced staff and an efficient delivery system, we are able to ship our products nationwide, quickly and economically.
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MOBILE WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS employing hollow fiber membrane filtration for emergency drinking water.
PURION MOBILE ULTRAFILTRATION SYSTEMS PURION Mobile Ultrafiltration Drinking Water Systems are ideal for emergency drinking water supply.
Purion – mobile emergency water treatment systems offer quick, reliable and effective service to meet the problems of water crisis or to provide drinking water in disaster situations.
Our Mobile water filtration systems can treat water from bores, rivers, creeks or surface flood water.
Available with chlorine dosing and optional UV disinfection systems.
Purion ultrafiltration systems use Hollow Fiber membrane technology and produces potable water to drinking water standards from turbid and polluted water supplies.
Our Mobile Water Treatment System are ideal for drinking water supply in disaster areas & emergency situations, exploration sites, mining camps, caravan parks.
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stainless steel housings  for bag filterAPT Aqua Pure Stainless Steel High Pressure Bag Filter Housings are manufactured from heavy-duty stainless steel with advantages of superior chemical resistance and high pressure endurance.
Height of the housing is adjustable by the design of mounting- legs module, offering flexible and adaptable installation.
Swing bolts sitting around the top cover provide convenient top cover removal, better sealing performance and enhanced safety.
Also available with stainless steel band clamp & davit closure, and as multi cartridge systems.
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bag-filterBag water filters work much the same way as filter bags in a vacuum cleaners work.
The filter is made of a porous material that allows the water to flow through, but capturing solids and particulates. Our industrial bag filters are recommended for medium to fast water flow rates, and are suitable for low water pressure and gravity fed water.
Bag water filters trap suspended sediment down to a size of 1 micron while not reducing water pressure and flow rates when cleaned regularly.


three stage big blue with 3 pressure gaugestwo stage big blue with 2 pressure gauges Carbon Block 20" whole house filterCarbon Filters remove chlorine and other chemicals APT Aqua Pure supply a large range of water filter cartridges suitable for industrial and commercial applicationsbag filters
BIG BLUE WATER FILTERS FOR INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS – for tank water and mains water, also suitable for water from lakes, rivers, creeks and bores.
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We carry an extensive range of water purification systems for use in industrial, commercial and residential applications, such as

30 years of learning and experience goes in everything we do.
With a fast & efficient delivery system, we are able to supply our water filters, water filtration systems and water treatment systems accross NSW, ACT, QLD, SA, WA, NT, including: Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra, Brisbane, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns, Townsville, Darwin, Melbourne, Hobart Tasmania, Adelaide, Perth, Regional and Rural Australia and the South Pacific region.

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