Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

purion L Series industrial RO systemsIndustrial Reverse Osmosis Systems, industrial RO systems, Water Demineralisers, Water
Demineralising Systems. We are national suppliers of industrial reverse osmosis system. Our RO systems are excellent where high purity water is required, including DI water for all types of industries and laboratories.
The Mattem L Series is available as the L1, producing 7,200 litres per day,
L2 producing 14,400 litres per day, and the L4 producing 28.800 litres per day.
• PLC controlled • Waterproof control box • Stainless Steel
• Multistage pump 230V 50/60 Hz TEFC Motor
• Low pressure switch • 5‐micron sediment pre‐filter
• Concentrate recycle for higher recovery
• Permeate Recycle & Reject flow‐meters
• Stainless steel permeate, recycle and pump throttle valves
• On/Off switch • Emergency shut‐off switch
• Reject, feed‐water, pre‐filter and post‐filter pressure gauges

• Stainless or fiberglass membrane housings
• High rejecton TFC membranes • Conductivity monitor
• Contacts for product & raw water level control
• Treated water tank high‐level float switch
• Automatic flush valve • Automatic feed shut‐off valve
• Galvanised steel frame with 2‐coat epoxy coatings
RAW WATER REQUIREMENTS: ≥30 psi inlet pressure • < 5 SDI
• < 0.1 mg/ltr chlorine feed‐water • < 1 NTU turbidity
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Reverse Osmosis Systems for residential whole house useDesigned with the Highest Efficiency membranes in the industry, and proprietary MemShell Carbon Cartridges, the Hydrant RO delivers up to 3785 litres a day from a mere 60 psi of line pressure. No pumps or electricity required.
The Hydrant is Made in the USA.

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