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Iron Removal Water Filters – Water Filters to remove iron from water, Water Iron Treatment Systems, Manganese removal water filters, residential, commercial, industrial,
iron removal is an important process in water treatment
Iron Removal Water Filters are a special category of water filters, iron is one of the most troublesome elements found in Australian bore water. Bore Water Iron Treatment Systems provide an important phase in the treatment of bore water.
Our Bore – Water Iron Removal Filters are made for domestic, industrial, commercial and residential water iron treatment.
Iron affects the taste of water, foods and beverages, can contribute to the blockages of water pipes, and can cause many other unwanted problems. Iron even below values of 0.3 ppm can cause staining of plumbing fixtures, sinks, floors, and most other things it comes into contact with, and has profound adverse effects in home appliances and industrial manufacturing processes.
IRON REMOVAL WATER FILTERS, Bore Water Iron Removal Filters, whole house, commercial, industrial, residential bore – water iron treatment systems.

There are three types of water iron, all types are removed with the Purion Iron removal filter.

  • ferrous or soluble iron
  • ferric or insoluble iron
  • bacteria iron, iron slime
Water Filtration/Treatment Systems for removing iron from water,
if you never used an Iron Removal Water Filter before, you will be amazed about the difference it makes.

  • Our Bore Water Iron Treatment System with Stenner peristaltic pump oxidise soluble iron with chlorine and uses deep bed filtration consisting of a special type of resin media designed for iron removal.
  • Water Softeners successfully remove soluble iron along with hardness minerals provided it is no more than 0.5 ppm for each 15 ppm of hardness, but the pH of the water must be greater than 6.8. Water softeners can remove up to 5.0 ppm of total soluble iron under certain conditions.
  • Nexsand Filters are ideal for removal of insoluble / ferric iron and bacteria iron.
    All three filter types are equipped with a Clack Auto Demand Microprocessor Valve which ensures that the trapped iron is flushed out of the filter bed at regular intervals.
purion iron removal filter with chlorine dosing pump
IRON Removal water filters, bore water, whole house, residential, commercial, industrial –
Purion Water Iron Treatment Systems use filter medias such as DMI-65 resin, water softener resins & and nexsand filter media, depending whether the iron is in soluble or insoluble form, or whether the type of iron is bacteria iron.
Soluble Iron has to be oxidised first before it can be removed by filtration.
Our Iron Removal Water Filters for soluble (ferrous) iron removal come with a Stenner Chlorine Dosing pump and DMI-65 filtration media.
DMI-65 media is the most sophisticated catalytic reaction filter media in the world and is highly efficient in removing soluble water iron.
Nexsand can be used as Filter Media when bore water contains bacteria iron.
When correctly sized and maintained, our filter medias have a service life of 6 to 8 years before replacement is required.
Our Iron Removal Filters use DMI-65 to remove dissolved or ferrous iron.
Extremely high iron concentrations may require larger systems or frequent backwashing and regeneration.
Finally, iron filter media requires high water flow rates for proper backwash.
A Stenner feed pump is be used to inject chlorine into the feed water to oxidise the soluble iron, the water will be disinfected at the same time.
Water having levels below 3 ppm (3 mg/l) of soluble ferrous iron can be treated with Water Softeners.
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DMI 65 mediagold sealDMI-65 is manufactured in Western Australia, it is dark brown in colour and is proclaimed to be the most advanced catalytic water filtration media currently available. Used with a chlorine dosing pump, it is capable of removing both Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn) simultaneously through low cost catalytic oxidation and retention of precipitate.
DMI-65 is one of the few catalytic water filtration medias in the world developed to remove iron and manganese. It has the WQA Gold Seal and is certified to NSF/ANSI 61 for drinking water applications.
Older Filtration Methods such as Greensand media outdated by DMI-65
Since the introduction of DMI-65, these other methods are regarded as old technology, expensive to operate in chemical, labour, energy and ongoing maintenance costs.
The DMI-65 media has a service life of at least 6 to 8 years before it needs to be replaced.

purion logo WHY MAKE PURION YOUR CHOICE of Iron Removal Water filter –
Purion products are made by a reputable family-owned Australian business with over 40 years experience in water treatment.

  • Purion products are one of Australia’s largest residential, commercial & industrial range of water treatment systems
  • Purion products are designed and manufactured to suit harsh Australian conditions
  • Purion products are supported by an experienced team of engineers & water treatment specialists
  • Purion brand is a guarantee of continued spare parts supply
Nexsand Water Filters, for insoluble iron and bacteria iron removal –
purionl media filters Nexsand media bed filtration is an affective method for removing insoluble / ferric iron and bacteria iron.
The filter traps the iron in the media bed.
Nexsand filters typically remove particles 1-15 microns in size or larger.
Sizes of our Nexsand Filters are categorised according to concentration of iron, water flow per minute & volume of water used per day to ensure succesful iron removal and satisfactory backwash & rinse action. Automatic backwash water filters trap the iron and flush it out of the filter bed during backwash cycles.
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Removing iron from water can be a complex process and the most suitable method of iron removal depends on the type of iron contaminating the water. There is no one type of treatment which will work with all iron types.
Manganese is very similar to iron in its properties. In fact, iron and manganese often occur together, with manganese composing a small part of the combination. Manganese can occur in a soluble form and also in the insoluble state.
Bore Water Iron Treatment Systems which successfully treat iron will also remove manganese.


With a fast & efficient delivery system, we are able to supply our water filtration systems and water treatment systems across NSW, ACT, QLD, SA, WA, NT, including: Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra, Brisbane, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns, Townsville, Darwin, Melbourne, Hobart Tasmania, Adelaide, Perth, Regional and Rural Australia and the South Pacific region.
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