We supply UV Lamps and UV Parts for water sterilisation / disinfection, water treatment systems, for most brands of UV systems, such as UV Guard, UVG, Nubian, Water Guard, Trojan, Wedeco, Sterilight, Radfire, Hanovia, Berson, Davey, UViFLO and many others. If we don’t stock a part we can usually source it quickly.

We carry Medium Pressure UV lamps, High Intensity Low Pressure Amalgam lamps, High Output Mercury Lamps, Standard Mercury Lamps, Quartz sleeves, quartz thimbles, O rings, Wiper rings, Wiper brushes, UV sensors, wiper motors, power supplies, ballasts, UV Intensity Monitors.

We stock Power Boxes, Control Panels and Power Supplies for our own brand of UV systems and various other brands of ultraviolet disinfection systems including but not limited to UV-Guard*, Wedeco*, Wedeco AVP*, Australian Ultra-violet Products (Mfg) Co*., Sterilight*, R-Can*, Trojan*, Aquafides*, etc.
We have proven expertise and extensive experience servicing and troubleshooting these ultraviolet systems and Power Boxes.
We can supply Power Boxes for ultraviolet disinfection systems based on Low Pressure High Output (LPHO) Lamps, Amalgam Lamps and Medium Pressure Lamps for a wide range of specifications. We also undertake upgrades of Medium Pressure ultraviolet systems.

We will find a solution for problems you are having with your UV system.

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